CH Snowfire's Simply Irresistible

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May 5, 2002 – December 8, 2014

Mercedes was diagnosed with breast cancer about 3 years ago.  Fourteen months ago, the cancer became very aggressive and the vet thought that we would only have another week with her.  She fought back and lived a very happy life until last week, when the cancer moved into her lungs.  She went to Rainbow Bridge today.

Mercedes was our first champion under the Snowfire kennel name.  After Yuki passed to Rainbow Bridge, she became alpha of the pack.  Mercedes was an energetic, stubborn girl and the best wheel dog ever.  She was a great teacher in that she never put up with any nonsense from the youngsters (Duncan and then Vinnie this past year) when they were running next to her in wheel.

She is the only Sammy we have had to repeatedly played fetch, but only with a tennis ball or her red Kong ball.  We definitely tired out of the game long before she did!

She was so funny…whenever I tried to take a picture of her, she would always shut her eyes!  We have more pictures of Mercedes with her eyes shut than with them open!  J

Happy trails, little girl…..we already miss you so much……